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Our Story

A brand fully dedicated to excellence in MICE industry… We offer strategic support and creative implementation over a vast array of business events as a DMC and PCO with high level of creativity at all times at every stage of planning and execution. Over the years Kmice has proven track of having an international and local reputation for flexible and objective advices, excellent service and a visionary approach.
Our focus is our ability to create experiences that are both magical and memorable. We seek to create the ultimate fusion of originality, complete project management and seamless production truly inspire, time after time.
Our team of professionals share common values which combine a rational and fresh approach with creative vision. We have moved with the times but we have kept our original values to create the world of Kmice, a world of energy, of expression, of creativity. A world where elegance and unique style go hand-in-hand with intelligence and ingenuity to stage events of vision and beauty.


Our partner satisfactıon is our priority. Our focus is based on this simple but basic fact. Kmice team is constantly in pursuit of new and original ideas to design and build unique experiences to achieve full partner satisfaction. Providing our clients high quality services wether is a small national company or a large multinational organisation allows us to set long lasting partnerships based on trust.



Karavan endeavours to enhance its leagacy as a leading service provider throughout Turkey. We strive to attract, develop and retain the best team whilst working in a positive and productive environment. We consistently seek to provide and deliver services and products that are recognised as market-leading, we endeavor to exceed our partners expectations with creativity, individual design and unforgettable delivery of all our services mixed with our own passion for teamwork and leadership. We aim to inspire everyone we encounter, whilst enjoying our work along the way.


Reliability: Consistently excellent performances are the building blocks to the strong relationships we build with our clients. At Kmice we rely on meeting our clients' expectations and they rely heavily on us to ensure all aspects of their event run not just smoothly but exceptionally, leaving a lasting memory long after the event has finished. It is our consistent reliability that makes us dependable and delivers the "extra mile" of service time after time.
Passion: Passion comes from believing in yourself, your products and your team, wanting and willing your commitment to make a difference. We consider passion as the heart and cornerstone of our business and the key to driving our future success, wholeheartedly serving our clients and offering them the means to fully benefit from our experience and expertise, providing them with the highest quality of service.
Creativity: Working with our clients to create a vision of what they see in their mind for their event can be achieved only with flexible and creative approach.
We aim to be at the forefront of innovative challenges, not only being creative with our clients but being creative with our team to develop new challenges and ideas, to keep us ahead in our industry and ahead of client expectations.